Friday, January 18, 2008

I've been kitting up a storm!

While I plan to post on fewer than 15 items in future posts here are the pics that I have of my somewhat recently completed knit projects.
Also, I have made some new year's resolutions. One of them is to write something on my blog more often than I did last year. That should be easy because last year I had a total of about 3 entries! Another of my resolutions was to use up most of my yarn stash before buying yarn, unless it was needed to complete a project that I was making from my stash. Ummmm.... I already broke that one! LOL!! I couldn't help it! There are just too many great projects on Craftster that I want to make, and one only gets a limited number of 50% off and 40% off coupons to Michael's and Jo-Ann's in a lifetime! If you don't use them you loose them right!?
While I did buy yarn, at least I have been widdling away at my stash. I think I've been using it faster than I've been buying it. I bought 3 skeins, and I've used about 5 or so. I got some caron simply soft for a cute sweater that I hope to be able to finish and post about b-4 it gets too warm to wear it, and some bernat's cotton tots for facecloths. I have discovered that I love to knit facecloths because they're quick and can be so cute! And I love to wash my face with them. I've also knit up a sweater on my Ultimate Sweater Machine that Santa brought me for Christmas (I was a good girl!), a hat also on the USM (it's a little big), 2 purses, nearly 3 pair of slippers, hats for all the kids and my neice (plus one that was going to be for my sister that turned out too small), 3 sweaters for the girls, mittens for my 2yo, and a washable pad for my swiffer wet jet. I think that's all I've knit since I last posted.
And DH thought this would be a passing phase! LOL! I think this new found obcession is here to stay!
Have a great day!

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Ilix said...

Wow, great update! 15 complete projects!! Awesome! I am whittling away myself.....