Sunday, August 3, 2008

*Phew!* what a tour!

Well, the tour de fleece has finished up, and I apologize for not posting pictures of what I did as they came off the wheel. I just go so caught up in spinning that I couldn't stop! I finished several yarns, but I haven't taken a picture of all of them just yet. I'll add that one later I guess. So while I didn't get as much done as I would have liked (I would like to spin a pound a day, but I'm nowhere near that happening!) I got through about a pound and a half of fiber, and spun many many yards! I also spun many different fibers! Not as many as I would have liked, but still there were several. And I learned how to spin lace singles! I spun alpaca, cotton, wool, silk caps, tussah silk, merino, coopsworth, firestar (I now love this stuff!), tencel, and soysilk. Um I think that may be all.

Yay! Here is the picture of what I completed durring the Tour De Fleece. I completed 9 yarns, 2 mini skeins, some spindle singles that will be dyed later, and a bunch of silk caps singles that will be plied with something at some point. There is a total of over 1800 yards of finishd yarn which is over a mile! With a total of over 2600 yards of singles spun durring the tour, which is over a mile and a half!

And in other news, Ravelry (a knitting and crochet online community) is hosting the first ever ravelympics! This is an event that coincides with the olympics; where knitters, crocheters, and spinners who are members of Ravelry can participate in knitting/crocheting, and spinning events for the fun of it. Everyone who completes an event will get a "medal"(aka a picture file of a medal or something) I think, and it's not really a competition, but I think it'll be LOTS of fun!! So I joined a team called "Hopelessly Overcommitted" and in order to live up to my team name have signed up for 43 items in many various events such as:
Designers Discus-for this event I plan to design a hat with hand spun, hand dyed yarn, and felt it, this will be a gift, so I may not post pictures.

Fantasy DecKnitathalon-this one is for those of us that can dream up FAR more projects than we can complete. I think maybe most of my projects belong here?

Felted Freestyle-for felted items, I'm putting the hat, and maybe a purse here (I need to add that one to my projects I think)

Fleece to Finished Fencing- for taking a project from fleece to spun to a finished knit item this will be some gloves knit from alpaca fleece

Glove Decathlon- gloves from above

Gift Knits Pentathlon- I put the gift hat here, though many of these items may end up as gifts

Hand-Dyed Hurdles-this is for dyeing yarn or knitting with hand dyed yarn, I have a few hand dyed yarns I plan to use to knit socks.

Handspun Heptathlon-for spinning yarn, I have 5 planned. The description also said for items knit with hand spun yarn, but this is now being debated. Either way I'll have some projects for this event.

Hat Dash-for hats, besides the gift one I have at least 5 more of these planned as well.

Home-Stuff Hammer throw-things for the home, I'm doing washcloths, and a swiffer cover.

Mitten Medley-for mittens, I think I have about 7 pair planned!

Shawl Relay-for shawls, I hope to get to this one, but it's also in the fantasy event just in case!

Sock Put-for socks of coarse. I have 2 pair planned

WIPs Wrestling-this is for completing items that have already been started (WIP=work in progress). I have a pair of socks, and a hat in this event.

The rules are so nice and friendly that they let you put one item into many events, which is why I have so many items in more than one event.

I know this sounds like a lot to knit in 17 days, and it IS! I've never completed this much in 17 days! LOL!! But I have to keep up to my team name, and I have a fear of running out of projects! This way I'll be sure to always have something to work on. And I made a spreadsheet! Everything fits on the spreadsheet in just 7 days! So if the spreadsheet says it can be done surely it can't lie right? So we'll see. I think I may be too busy to post too terribly much during the event, but I'll try to give at least an update or 2 during it. I can't wait to start casting on!

Happy Knitting!


Kitty said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle, I am tired just from reading your list! Good luck! :)

Share said...

HeeHee! Go Team HO! :D

thibeaux1369 said...

when you write it up like that it kinda scares me...

Go Team!

Prazzie said...

Haha mooshie, that's funny. You have far too much energy, that's for sure. I'll just watch you from over here, safe in my little "no pressure" corner... :P