Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ooh! I'm so excited to post this today! I have made progress! I finally finished up spinning those silk caps! I love spinning silk caps really! But drafting them is just not so fun to me. And they gave me a nasty blister. But they're done and they look lovely! So I've been making all kinds of progress on my tour de fleece. One of my goals for this is to spin as many different fibers as I can. I'd like to spin at least a bit of each kind of fiber that I have, and I have a bunch! So, thus far I have spun wool, silk caps, alpaca, merino, cotton, soy silk, and I've got some merino/tencel up next. It's so shiny! I bet you wanna see some pics huh? Here they are:

First up, my drafted silk caps!

Next, the finished yarn:

Here's the merino/alpaca in BRIGHT colors! I love them! It's SO soft!

Then there's the cotton/soy silk. This one is very soft as well, I love how it came out!

And Next up is the merino/tencel. I'll be spinning this up today!

So all in all so far I'd say that my tour de fleece is going rather well. I also have a bit of un-dyed wool going on my spindle that I pick up every once in a while, but that has never been near my camera so I don't have any pics. I think I'll dye it when it's done and take pics then.

So after this tencel/merino is done here's what I have left to try out: ramie, flax, hemp, BFL, firestar, cashmere, angora, mohair, tussah silk. hmm, 9 different fibers, I wonder if I'll get through all of them? After the tencel/merino will be some tussah silk blended with more merino, but I plan on spinning that into lace weight, so that could take a while. So while it's possible that I will not make it through all my different kinds of fiber I'm having a great time!

Oh yeah, and IF I can bring myself to part with them these yarns will be up in my Etsy store soon. But only IF, some yarns are harder to part with than others LOL!!

Happy spinning!


Prazzie said...

Oh wow, those are GORGEOUS! I love it! Now I see why you spin. You're really good at it! I shouldn't admit this in a public place, but I'm drooling. I wish I could feel it, too.

designsbymichelle said...

:) LOL! well if they ever make it up on Etsy you can buy them and then you CAN feel it! hehe

But seriously, thank you! :) Happy knitting!