Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bet you wish you had a pair just like 'em huh?

I have just finished a fabulous pair of socks!! I'm just sure it'll start a new sock trend. But not only are these socks fabulous, they are 8 years old already, and have only been worn once! Well ok, technically they have not even been a completed pair of socks for a full day, but I did start them at least 8 years ago! Yeah, I know it's crazy to let a project sit around like that for so long, but I have a good reason!

Ok, here's the story: When my oldest daughter (who is about to turn 9) was a baby I decided to start crocheting a pair of socks for my friend who I worked with because she loved socks! I bought a crochet sock pattern book, borrowed a hook from my mom, and started on them with some yarn that my mom said I could have. Well, I was not very good at crocheting at that point in my life, so it took me a long time to do the little bit that I did. I also was not any good at reading a crochet pattern. I got confused too easily. Then there is the fact that I had a baby! Babies take a lot of time and attention! So, when I put the project down it was almost immediatley forgotten. Luckily for me I have had the oportunity to rearrange my crafting supplies many times, and even move ALL of it around from apartment to apartment, from house to house, and even from room to room in my current house. Thus, no craft project of mine has had a chance to be forgotten for long. I have had the opportunity to run across many unfinished projects through all these moves and rememver them. This has helped me to finish several OLD projects (that butterfly quilt, the sweater that took 6 years, there are others). This time it was the socks turn! Though I have lost touch with my friend that I started them for, so I finished them for me, and just in time too because my slippers had fallen apart, and my feet were tired of being cold! So, anyway when I started these socks I had no idea how to figure out how much yarn would be needed for a project, I just looked at a skein of yarn and thought, "Socks are small, I'm sure this is enough." Um... well, I was wrong! LOL!!! So, I ended up with 1 1/2 socks before I ran out of yarn! But seeing as how these are for wearing around the house I decided to just finish them anyway with whatever partly used skein of yarn I could finc so I could just get them done! And as it just so happened, today I finished them! And so, without further delay I will show you all a picture of these lovely socks that I just know you are on the edge or your seat to see. I call them fraternal twin socks!

Aren't these fun?! I mean who else has a pair just like them? Certainly nobody I now. And they are currently keeping my feet happy and warm. Now, admit it. They're cute! And you know if you'd taken 8 years to make socks like this you'd love them to! :)

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Share said...

ROFL Love them! You may start a whole new trend in socks now! ;)

YAY for finishing such an old WIP! :D